Age Project
這是一個傳承三代的漬梅事業,祥記用台灣土地上種出的青梅,用梅子、鹽、糖僅僅三種天然原料與近乎固執的傳統方法,用上至少兩年的時間和心意來成就梅子的價值。於是我們將這個新的品牌計畫當中的時間性放大,命名為「Age Project 年歲計畫 by 祥記」。



Age Project
This is a pickled plum business that has been passed down for 3 generations. Shangi only use 3 natural ingredients: salt, sugar and local grown plum with  persistent and traditional method to make pickled plum. Normally it will take at least 2 years to complete the process. For their new brand project we focus on time, that’s why we name it“AGE PROJECT by Shangi”

Traditional method made pickled plum has been disappeared from young people’s life experience. The Goal for this project is to design a fresh look for this traditional food, at the same time,  it’ll be looking good but not too fancy to balance the old and new. We use the pickled plum shape as the main visual element.

The plum changes its flavor and taste through the pickled process time, just like whisky, the time will tell you the value. That’s why we develop 3 years, 5 years, 7 years pickled plum as the main product line for this new brand.

Year : 2021
Client : 崇贏實業
CD : Yuan Lee
AD&D : Ho Wan Chun
PM : Huang Chi Teng
Photography : Arko Studio