Contact Book Design 
The junior high school contact book is known as a communication book between students, teachers and parents. But it’s also a good opportunity to help students develop and build up the aesthetic sense. HOUTH got invited and redesign the 2019 1st semester junior high school contact book for Education Department New Taipei City Government.

In order to showcase the different cover visual format and style, HOUTH use geometric shapes as the Key elements in book covers, which different from the earlier illustration and photography covers, to create the vivid eye catching new covers. Not only “Visual Illusion” is the concept behind the cover design, but also the students’ “State of Mind”.

The Cover story are below:
7th Grade
Use illusions of color to make the changing green to imply the state of mind to fit in the new environment.
8th Grade
Use illusions of movement to make the turning circles to imply the state of mind of dynamic networking situation.
9th Grade
Use imultistability to make the flip path to imply the state of mind of self reflection.

HOUTH also invited 2 talented new illustrators to create fresh but unique drawings in the book to show the different style and perspectives between everyone.

Year : 2019
Project Coordinator : Aestheticell
Client : Aestheticell
Cover : Ho Wan Chun
Illustration : Chou Yi, Lee Chu Chieh
Layout : 黃郁惠
Writer : 朱家安
Publisher : Education Dept., New Taipei City Government