Pharos是燈塔之意,是關於指引方向的、關於探索未知之地的。當咖啡的風味隨著不同產區的種植法、品種改良以及處理法的發展,而有著超越以往的豐富性與細緻度,烘豆師的挑戰也就與過去不同了。淺焙不僅是風格,更是將我們咖啡豆的潛力開發至極致的手段,Pharos 是一個有獨特烘培思維的風味研究所,我們為每一支咖啡豆實驗、測試並訂定出最佳的烘焙法,以呈現給你一杯表現極致風味的咖啡。

Pharos 將持續挑戰你的感官味蕾,不僅是邀請你找到最喜歡的味道,更希望你能參與我們對於咖啡風味探索的旅程。

Branding Design for Pharos 
Coffee flavors have become more diverse and subtle than ever before due to the different cultivation methods in different areas, variety improvement, and advancements in processing. Because of this, the coffee roasters of today face an entirely different challenge than their predecessors. Light roasting is more than just a roasting style, it’s our means of harvesting the potential of the coffee bean to the fullest. Pharos is a flavor research lab with a unique perspective on roasting. We experiment, test, and design the best roasting method for each coffee variety to offer you a cup of coffee with a supreme flavor.

We will continue to add different coffees to our menu to challenge your tastebuds. We’re not only inviting you to discover your favorite taste, we are hoping that you can join us on our journey to explore the wonders of coffee and its flavors. Nothing should be ordinary, simply because we are fortunate to live in this era.

Pharos – The coffee roaster based in Taipei.

Year : 2019
Client : Pharos
CD : Haung Chi Teng
AD&D : Ho Wan Chun
Photography : Arko Studio & Huang Chi Teng