「我的『野餐』,是一場對方為我精心策畫的神祕旅程。」— 吳美琪⁣


PICNIC Photobook Design
“My ‘picnic’ is a mysterious journey carefully planned for me by the other.” - Wu Meichi⁣⁣

As a metaphor of earthly feasts and scenery, this photobook “PICNIC” explores the relationship and fetters between people, through artist Wu Mechi’s obsession with objects.⁣

This time, Wu Meichi uses still life images to express abstract emotions. She observes that no matter if the power is equivalent or not, we must get used to and maintain peace, even though it is sometimes partially forced or violently forced to accept kindness by others.⁣

Starting with a private picnic date, she created a series of splendid collage images to symbolize the process of emotional changes between people at unpredictable moments; maybe it’s due to the weather, the tone, or perhaps it’s not for any reason. She accepts the fact that people’s psychological state is not controllable, which made her turn into the image creation world of collage and landscaping.⁣

In the process of unbridled creation, she has regained the possibilities of picnics. Under the little picnic mat, despotism, hesitation, sorrow and joy, impermanence…etc. is buried within. It is hard to experience the feelings until you encounter the scenario in person.⁣

Wu Meichi (b.1989) is experienced in setting up incredible vivid light and shadow scenes by hand. The illusion of space is beyond normal understanding. In the process of dividing dimension, common objects are transformed into a still life in a strong manner. The artist is like the creator with a childlike heart, never willing to stop after she starts to play. ⁣

Year : 2021
Client : Meichi Wu
AD&D : Ho Wan Chun
影像前置標準化與打樣:Ross Wang
Print : 高源印刷
Published by 朋丁 Pon Ding