YOHU 柚虎啤酒
臺虎精釀 Taihu Brewing 和日本最受歡迎的 Yo-Ho Brewing 合作,邀請釀酒師森田正文來到台灣與臺虎釀酒師Winnie合作,打造台日友好的絕佳精釀~用新鮮出產的日本柚子尬上台灣柳丁,最後再以日本山椒香氣收尾,迸出微甜清爽好滋味!視覺以自然荒野為概念,發展出混合柚子樹、柳丁樹的奇幻水果叢林,在YOHO的月光下叢林冒險,盡情地探索YLD的絕妙口味。

Explore the Wild(YLD)
Taiwanese Taihu Brewing team up with japanese Yo-Ho Brewing and work together to create this seasonal limited edition Beer. This Beer combined the Japanese Yuzu and Taiwanese Liu Ding to become a fresh fruity beer (That’s why they name the beer YOHU YLD Wheat) We play around with the pronunciation of the name YLD, similar to WILD, so we create a adventure in the nature and wild fruit jungle under the moonlight.

Year : 2017
Client : Taihu Brewing
CD : Huang Chi Teng
AD&D : Ho Wan Chun